Domenico Protino is an Italian singer, songwriter and music producer.

He approaches music from an early age and since 2002 he participates in many national music competitions until he gets to win in 2007 two important italian festivals: Premio Lunezia with the song “W la vita” and Premio Salentino with the song “La nuova aurora”.

In 2008 he is selected as the Italian representative for the 49th edition of the most important musical event in Latin America: the “Viña del Mar International Song Festival” in Chile. Domenico wins with the song "La Guerra dei trent’anni".

In September 2008, his first album “Domenico Protino” is released in Italy, published by Warner Chappel Italy. It includes ten new original songs written by Domenico. The album is also recorded in Spanish language.

Since 2009 Domenico writes songs for other artists, and starts touring extensively all over Italy and Latin America.

In 2010 he releases a brand new single and a promotional video titled “Giorno farà’”.

In 2011 he starts writing songs in English and working at his second album in Italian.

In May 2013 he releases a new single called "L’uomo per te" and his second totally self-produced album called “L’album per te” which includes 13 tracks (12 in Italian and also 1 track in Spanish).

At the beginning of 2014 Domenico starts collaborating with London based songwriter Sandro Nardi and other English record producers.

The year 2015 starts with the selection and participation of Domenico Protino with the song "Let me fly" at the Eurovision Song Contest Moldova.

In November 2017, he publishes a song called “Carezze al vento”, dedicated to his beloved and deceased father.

Without ever leaving an intense live concert activity, Domenico is at work on his first English debut album.

The new single "Partire" is released on June 10, 2021, a DP Music production.